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Business English

This Business English course at Medcity School of English is targeted the people with office jobs or in university. The recommended level of English is intermediate to advanced (B1 to C2).In order to get an International Business communication exposure, We will help you improve your business language and professional skills in a commercial context using real work examples.

The focus in Business English is on the language and skills required for regular business communication: the vocabulary of trade and finance, presentations, negotiations, meetings, everyday conversation, networking, correspondence, report writing etc. The strict rules of grammar are sometimes ignored or sidestepped for these purposes.

Our Business English Writing and Communication Skill Training greatly contribute to improving business communication .Advanced writing skills techniques taught in this program greatly enhance the efficacy of communication, which is an essential in Executive Training

Below are listed some of the important components of the BUSINESS ENGLISH
  • Training provided by qualified and experienced business professionals
  • Experienced specifically in the areas of economics, finance, marketing and accounting
  • Explanation of complex financial, economic and accounting terminology
  • Case studies, reading comprehensions and role plays provided
  • Tailored to industry specific needs
  • Ideal for Tourism, Banking, Real- Estate, Construction, Sales/Customer Service and Finance/Accounting
  • Native business idioms and expressions explained
  • Aimed at Professionals, Universities.