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Voice and Accent

This training program is designed for participants to work on their voice and accent, a very important soft skills training . It will help them to neutralize elements of their speech, overcome Mother Tongue Influence(MTI)elements, and speak with a more global accent. Our training is a language focused approached designed to help participants deal with a global audience. The Accent Training provided by Medcity School of English creates a noticeable difference in the clarity and comprehensibility of the communication of the participants. English Accent Training is of particular importance in BPO Training, a direct impact of globalization.

The emphasis is placed on Phonetics and Intonation which are the two major areas that impact accent. The language is further understood after the participants undergo our English Language Training.

Courses Offered

Below are listed some of the important components of the Voice and Accent Training workshop conducted by Medcity School of English:

  • Phonetics/ Neutral Voice and Accent/ Pronunciation
  • Speech Mechanism/ Mouth and Face Relaxation Exercises
  • Vowel Sounds/Consonants Sounds
  • Syllable and Syllable Stress / Word Stress
  • Sentence Stress in English
  • Thought Groups and Pause
  • Program Specific word drill with Sentences
  • Articulation Exercises/ Reading Passages